Securecare Dental and Vision



Enjoy attractive, affordable group dental and vision coverage, as well as stand-alone dental plans. Employer-sponsored dental and vision plans are available with as few as five employees enrolled, with voluntary dental and vision plans for more than five enrolled, and stand-alone plans for two to four enrollees.

Metro Chamber members enjoy these features:

  • No benefit waiting period for groups of five or more enrolling (Many leading carriers require a 12-month waiting period on major services.)
  • Three plan choices for groups of five or more enrolled
  • One bill and one ID card for dental and vision packages
  • Copay plan with no annual maximum limit
  • All plans cover children
  • Two cleanings per year PLUS two additional periodontal cleanings allowed if perio therapies are done
  • Includes discounted adult orthodontic services
  • Dental implants covered standard on all plans
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